Jaguar Athletics

Sina Monjazeb, Athletic Director Earl Roth, Assistant Athletic Director The interscholastic athletic program of the New Community Jewish High School is an important component of the overall school curriculum. Students participate in a program that reflects the school’s philosophy of diversity, continual growth and achievement, participation, and the development of the individual’s greatest potential. Also recognized is the importance of equal programs and equal opportunity for both sexes. Throughout the interscholastic athletic program, the goal is to provide fair and equal competition where all participants have a chance for success. The interscholastic athletic program at New Community Jewish High School provides the opportunity for both gifted athletes and those of more modest talents to identify and learn a strong set of values. Among the values we seek to cultivate are:

  • A sense of teamwork and cooperation
  • An understanding of the need for sacrifice, discipline, dedication and commitment
  • The establishing and achieving of goals
  • Self-confidence
  • Sportsmanship
  • The acquisition of new physical skills
  • A feeling of individual, team and school spirit
  • Respect for others and self

I want to thank all the parents for their continued support and attendance at all of our games. We take pride in establishing a sense of family and community in the sports program. GO JAGUARS!