Core Curriculum


The academic core curriculum at New Community Jewish High School is comprised of English, History, Mathematics, Science, Hebrew, Jewish Studies, and Jewish Civilization. Within each department, there are multiple offerings at each level, including regular college preparatory classes, honors classes, and Advanced Placement classes. The Jewish Civilization course of study begins in ninth grade with a Jewish Arts Rotation —6 courses that embrace Judaic themes, followed by yearlong electives in the final three years of high school. (Please see links at menu bar to the left for additional information.)


Each year, a student may choose electives, depending on the level of challenge in the student’s core program. Some electives are rigorous academic courses; others are less demanding in terms of out-of-class preparation; some need permission from the instructor prior to enrollment. Electives may be chosen from the following departmental listings:

  • Jewish Civilization  ~ Visual & Performing Arts courses, Seminars & Special Programs
  • Science
  • World Languages

Additional courses may be added every year.


The New Community Jewish High School Physical Education requirement may be satisfied using any one of three options:

  • Four sections of team sports
  • Six sections of physical education classes (fall-winter-spring seasons each year)
  • Six seasons of any combination of physical education classes and team sports
  • Must be completed by the end of Junior year


Co-curricular offerings give students opportunities for intensive involvement in projects that produce end products like a yearbook, musical or newspaper. These projects require creativity, expression of talent, adherence to deadlines, time management, team work, community building, and leadership development. Most are time-limited and meet certain times of the year. Students work under the guidance of faculty advisors and often other community professionals to give them a comprehensive experience.

Current co-curricular offerings include:

  • Drama Production
  • Musical Theatre
  • Newspaper
  • Yearbook